To twitter or not to twitter?

That is the question.

I must admit that the concept of using twitter is enticing. Based on what I read from one twitter publication A Geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter ( I love the title) offers advice on how to use your 14o characters to draw readers to your blog or online business. I have the pdf so just click the title.

In terms of language teaching, it is seen as an ideal way to keep in contact with your colleagues. One piece written by Ted O’Neil for JALT’s The Language Teacher gives some detailed advice on how to apply it as means of idea exchange. This is especially applies to conferences where so many events and lectures are happening at once. The link is here to the publication site.  I went to the JALT conference in Shizuoka last week, and even though I wasn’t using the service, I know of some other colleagues who probably would benefit from some other persons tweet, particularly if it is about  a presentation  or lecture that they had missed.

I would like to hear what your position is on using or not using Twitter. I have yet to make a decision. Maybe some more contemplation is in order.

To twitter or not to twitter? Hmmmm….

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