Presenting at JALT 2015!!!!

It’s been a busy year for me and so please forgive me for being a stranger for this blogsite.

Anyway, I will be involved with two presentations at JALT this year. If you are in the neighborhood ( Shizuoka, Japan) be sure to check them out.

Teachers as Learners: Challenges for Training

Teacher Beliefs About Student Group and Pair Work



3 thoughts on “Presenting at JALT 2015!!!!”

  1. Hello! I found your name in JALT program today. I also made a presentation in Shizuoka today. I am interested in your presentation, because your presentation seems to be related to our seminar in Kanagawa. Unluckily I cannot go to Shizuoka tomorrow. I am so sorry! Please say hello to Ehara-sensei and Murakoshi-sensei! I wish you all good luck. Yoko Suganuma Oi

    1. Hi Suganuma sensei,

      Thank you for letting me know you presented there. I will be going to the conference tomorrow and will make sure to tell Ehara-sensei and Murakoshi-sensei that you said hello. It is nice to hear from you. I am sorry I couldn’t attend your presentation, but I will have to look your abstract when I get the chance.

      See you at the Academia,


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