A Lextutor video by Tom Cobb

To all those who pursue data-driven learning or have an interest in the teaching approach: Tom Cobb, the creator of the Compleat Lexical Tutor (lextutor.ca) did a marvelous screencast of the major features of this site.

Have a look and then go to lextutor.ca and try it yourself. I have used the I-D Word Identification quiz with some  high school students in Japan and they were engaged! This site has so much potential, especially since it makes your learners more active in their own language learning.

Click the image to connect to the video site.

Dade final_screencast of Compleat Lexical Tutor

Screenshot of Lextutor video.
Screenshot of Lextutor video.

Tom mentioned on the Lextutor facebook page that there are other lextutor videos, so the search is on!

Enjoy the video!

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