Reference list and powerpoint of Fluency? Fluency. Fluency!

Anne and I want to thank everyone for coming to the presentation on Sunday. Also we want to thank the Ibaraki JALT for holding the meeting and supporting us. We hope the presentation was informative and useful for your own teaching practice.

Here are the references:
De Jong, N. & Perfetti, C.A. (2011). Fluency training in the ESL classroom: An  experimental study of fluency development and proceduralization. Language Learning, 61, 533-568.

Ellis, R. (2008). The Study of Second Language Acquisition (2nd ed.). Oxford:Oxford University Press.

Nation, P. (1989). Improving speaking fluency. System,17 (3), 377-384.

Nation, P. (2007). The four strands. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 1(1), 2-13.

Segalowitz, N. (2010). Cognitive bases of second language fluency (1st ed.). New York:Routledge.

Skehan, P. (1996) Second language acquisition research and task-based instruction. In D.Willis an J. Willis  (eds.):Challenge and Change in Language Teaching. London:Heinman

Willis, J. (2007). A Framework for Task-Based Learning.  Essex, England:Pearson Education Limited. pp 14-15.

Finally if you want to read the pdf of the power point please click here.

If you have any comments or questions about the presentation feel free to comment below or contact us at

Thank you and see you next time,

Peter Parise and Anne Takata

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