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A Calm Teacher Makes a Calm Classroom


5 Ways to be a Calmer More Effective Teacher by Michael Linsin

Five, all you need is five bits of advice to have to teach students in a calm, collected manner. Interesting advice is here for teaching language, and for teachers in general.

Stereotypes and Intercultural Communication

These two ideas have opened a new world for me, and while I am mostly focused on teaching language and pedagogy the challenge of teaching about stereotypes, especially in the Japanese context has been quite refreshing for me. If you look at the reference page for a workshop I and Professor Miyuki Iida collaborated on August 7th, 2012 for the Kanagawa Institute of Language and Culture, you can find a list of references for both theoretical ideas behind intercultural communication, plus practical sources for approaching it in the language classroom as well.

Cherry Blossoms and a new academic year…….

Hey everyone,

In Japan the academic year starts in April. Just in time for the cherry blossoms. I know this has been a tough year so far, with the earthquake, tsunami, and now the reactors which are over 100 km away from me. Based on the picture above, I want to say that no matter how bad things get, there will always be hope.

Like everyone else here, I will keep going and do my best teaching and researching.

Thank you, and good luck