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Good advice for creating a thesis statement.

Good advice for creating a thesis statement.

I came upon this via Twitter from a friend @gotanda to be exact and I couldn`t pass this up.

Thesis Statements 2013-05-11 21-26-20

The University of Indiana Writing Tutorial Service or WTS for short gives some very excellent guidance on developing a thesis for a paper. While it gives advice for those assigned to a topic, it also offers advice for unassigned topics, which help not only student writers but also old hands like myself who need to write, but mentally wrestle with early part of the process.

My favorite part is the final one which provides a guide to determine the strength of the thesis. This also is excellent advice.

For the teacher this can be also valuable for your learners, and the content can be utilized for in class activities, such as a discussion about the effectiveness of a thesis statement. You can choose a topic and the students can generate a thesis statement, probably this is ideal since it may be something that might not be threatening. Then have them evaluate and come to an agreement about the impact of the thesis regarding the shared topic.

Enough about what I think… for thos those who want to read it here it is.

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Workshop at JALT CALL 2010, and you can join the fun too!

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to give you notice that I will be giving a workshop at the JALT CALL 2010. (Thats the Japan Association of Language Teachers Computer Assisted Language Learning conference in case you don’t live in Japan)

The title of this workshop is devoted to one internet tool Wordle, created by Johnathan Feinberg.   I am offering this here make teachers in Japan aware of its potential. We will create some word clouds in the lab and group brainstorm ideas on applying them in the classroom.

You too can witness the action because I am presenting this via Google Docs Presentation software, which can allow users to see the presentation online!

here is the link to the presentation.

I will be giving this on Sunday, May 30th at from 9:30 am to 11 am Japan time.  I look forward to your participation.